April 26, 2017


I miss my Dad. I miss his morning routine of waking me up, asking me what to have for breakfast, and what time would my class be today. I miss staring at him through the window on our family room, contemplating on something I would never know, and sipping a cup of coffee. I miss his random jokes, making fun of me and my brother. I miss listening to his false voices singing some random 80s songs. I miss him, warming the car engine, joking that we'll have another new car in no time. I miss his sudden maneuver of ironing my shirt, catching him washing our clothes on weekends, and being all lazy throughout the day. I miss his random scream when not in the exact time during our favourite football match. I miss him telling me to level up my game when I told him I achieved something, and then getting shocked because his friend suddenly knew what I was up to.

I miss you Dad.

You, who never get tired of picking me up for literally 21 years of my study. You, who always showed compassion and forgiving attitude to people who do bad things to you. You who always respected each and every people equally. You are the man of honor, Dad.

I miss you,

I hope God let you know that.

I will always put my best in achieving your dreams--to be beneficial for others. I hope I can be a good person like you were. I hope every day and night you could watch us growing into a better person.

It hurts to know that you wont be there at my graduation next week. I hope God lend you some privilege to watch me from upstairs. All the fruits you have sowed, you sure deserve to reap it.

I miss you.

I hope you know that to me, you are the world's greatest Dad.

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