October 05, 2013

Daily Evaluation #1

As a social creature, human being should not be racist in socializing. One should not befriend because judging from physical appearance, wealth, brain, or anything. We should just simply befriend, or at least know each other. One should not help for the sake of 'Because she's beautiful' or 'since s/he is smart later I can ask a help from him/her' or just anything which pops on your mind.

I may be now speaking on my own privilege, but have you ever thought what the minority ever consider you as? 

I know you'd probably say that I write this because I am not someone you can take privilege from, since I am none of what i've mentioned. But in this era, is it still appropriate to apply those things in life? If it's so, we are being so narrow-minded. We are limiting a human right for receiving an equal treatment in social life. well that's just a small example which is happening in college life. But how about those country who ban people to wear any religious symbol? Or say, because you are wearing hijab, you don't deserve to state your argument. Or since your physical appearance is not appealing then you are not accepted to be a stuff in this event. Aren't we aware that we've committed a very hurtful actions? What if later the person who received the treatment would think that they have no talent and stop trying to involve themselves in any social life. say they prefer to be the anti. 

Isn't it cruel?

What I am saying is, it is true that we can't just hang out with every body, because we have our own comfort zone, but at least, throw  a little care and respect, is it that hard? Don't say that 'S/he doesn't even try to socialize so just let them be' or 'S/he doesn't even reply my greetings or smile, I'm done with them' noooooo, they are dying for a help. We gotta try harder, by asking how are you today, or since it's so cliche just ask, have you done the assignment? Or what room the efir class is? You know, just making a simple comfort. Me too, as someone who happens to be weird to begin with will surely feel a lil joy for being asked. 

There's a tiny thing which would mean much to a certain people.

I am also trying to be friendly, so this is just all my whining about myself, truth to be told. 

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