September 16, 2012

'Your age has to withstand your maturity,'

That was a simple wish my mum wants me to be in my new age. Because it's no longer fifteenthwhere you can always run into your buddies when having a bad time and stay away from every obstacles in daily life's problems.

It's now all about me, and how I want to be treated. 

I'm a selfish ass, like seriously selfish. I don't like to get criticized with no better reason. I mean, why would a person accept an unreasonable complain about themselves? I'm way too sensitive. I always remember every single detail people did to me. I get overreacted over a tiny matter. And the most important is that i am no good in pretending to be cheerful. 


I want people to treat me in a good way. Isn't it a wishful thinking?

So I'll keep on fixing myself to be good, in order to be treated so. Andddddd, I'm so happy to tell you that my 2012 wishlist is almost completed!!!!!! All thanks to Mum and Babeh, for being so kind to me <3 p="p">
Write to you later!

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