November 19, 2011

A Serendipity

I woke up with a few flakes of my dream. Once i thought it was insignificant. So i tiptoed from my utter-comfortable bed to take a shower and go to school. As I arrived, I saw someone whom really resemblant to the one in my dream about three hours before. I thought about it for a minute and i started to forget. and a few days ago, my friend introduced me to her friend WHO IS STILL THE SAME PERSON IN MY DREAM. And i was like, um okay. And she told me that he is going to be her partner at a competition, she asked me whether i would join her or not and i said yes. And yesterday we had such a brainstorming and today i just walked together along the street to go home. The two of us. And he talked about his bestfriend at my class and joked about their activities, and i was like, coincidence? When suddenly some random moments bursted into my mind about a few months ago when i was still attending a science and math course. S/he was my classmate at the moment. Life, you might not be kidding me.

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