February 16, 2011

Me miss you there, Fellas.

I remember every step we took. Every laugh we had. Every stories we shared. I remember every hug we shared. Every tears you asked me to stop. I remember everything, every simple words you said. I remember, we ran in our blue-skirt. I remember you, Bestfriends.

The time i write this notes is the time i madly feel missing you. I have never thought that everything would be this hard without you. I have never thought that i can handle nothing without your simple words. I have never thought that you'd be so busy this time. Until you can't give me even an hour to have a short convo. 

I have never intended that i'd be this forgettable. You know it hurts to see you in only once in three months. It hurts to see you laugh with somebody else. It hurts to see someone replaces me in your life. It hurts.

I miss you, Bella Yashinta. With every brilliant thought you have, with every formula you taught me, with every laugh-out-loud you always had.
I miss you, Shafira Damayanti. With every your beautifulness, with every unpredictable words you talked to me, with every caress you did.
I miss you, Syarifah Trimulyaningsih. With every mother-thing you always do, with every sweetest smile you have, with every foods you cooked.
I miss you, Hilda Hidayati. With your long chin, with your laugh, with every nice things you do, you always made my day, Bunny.
I miss you, Vivi Adinda Laksono. With your wisdom, with every advice you gave, with your patient and everything others can't do.
I miss you, Siti Fadhilla Tsabitha. It's such a great gift having you here in my life. I miss you being my deskmate, i miss you hugging me like everything will be just fine.

I have never regretted meet y'all in my life. I don't care what the hack people would talk about you, I don't care what would people say about us. Thing is, it's our relationship that other can never have in their whole life.

I miss you, quite terribly, DDHe SIMS. 
Our abbreviation that others would never think before.

If only i merely have a day to come back to, I'd back to the day when happiness is You.  

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