February 15, 2011


Nowadays I'm deeply in love with The Downtown Fiction.

Thus lyrics i took from Best I Never Had lyrics. I highly recommend you this song. You know, when people just get tired of their life, they always swear everything they have. Like Whatta f-ing cellphone, i want the new ones! Or, "Ah damn you School, Damn you Teacher, Y u give me so many homeworks during weekend?". No, i don't feel like i'm the one who never swear, who never mock what around myself, who never complain her life. I honestly do. But, after i see this picture on Tumblr. Last saturday, This. and This. I was like, How lucky I am. Look, don't compare urself to they who buy a new stuff every-week, But anyone else. You know, i seldom quip a lotta people on my Timeline. But now i feel it ends in smoke, withal mine hasn't been better enough. So when i see some annoying tweets, grammatical errors, bunch of spelling error, a cliche phrase, or sumthin like "I hate being single", I will just ignore. Why? Commenting other's life isn't what i was born for. It isn't what my life goals. It isn't my business AT ALL. You know, i have been a lil hopeless  in going my life. And commentating other's life? Oh God, i'd prefer make a cup of milk than doing that thingy. No offense. So now, i'm trying to fall in love with my life. Im trying to be grateful of what Allah has given. I'm trying to be better. No, more precisely, I'm trying to be good. 

I have this great life. I'd like to say thank you before i ask sumthin better. It feels like, I still can't keep what i already have, so i won't ask for sumthin' better until i feel i'm good enough to deserve another things. Like what The Downtown Fiction says

"I Look Around, And Everything's Too Much"

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