December 31, 2010

Year-end post!

Dear 2010,

   Thank you. Thank you so much. Well, i actually don’t know what am i thanking about, but, Thank you. Too much things you’ve given me. I won’t deny if several of them hurts, sucks, bleeds, but ummm i won’t blame you, 2k10. You are so ossem, until i can not describe with 26 alphabets, hijaiyyah, hiragana, oh wait i don’t even know how to write hiragana. I’ve got so much lessons from you. I always cried everytime i got some troubles, before i met you. No, it doesn’t mean i didn’t cry this year, i did cry when i pray maghrib today, ups. But, you know, i didn’t cry like a girl who can’t find her mommy, who will end her life a moment later because she broke up with her bf, no i’m not that childish. 2k10 has made me stronger, stronger than i was before, stronger than ever. At least, my tear drops for worthy things, different with 2k9.        

   2k10 such an alarm to me. It has woken me up from my dream-land, where’s dreaming isn’t reality’s friend. It tells me that in life, i would probably meet Failure, which Expectation is Reality’s enemy, It tells me that imagination is way important than IQ, It tells me that life sometimes, doesn’t need any heart, but brain. 2k10 taught me how to solve trouble with logic, 2k10 taught me that i have to keep my heart away from past if i want my self get over from it. It tells me that Love, isn’t about your crush confessed his feeling to your bestfriend, and you ended up with broken heart, and you will be the ‘Frorever Alone’ ones, nor crying yourself of being lose from everything than your bestfriend. I’ve learnt that loving my parents, my family, is way happier than being love with anyone else. I’ve realized that the one who never hurts me is only Allah S.W.T. From my mistakes, from my sins, i’ve learnt that Allah always be there whenever i need a help.

   I was such a little puppy, wait, miserable puppy. I didn’t even realize that i have so many people who always be there even if i don’t. My mama. My babeh. My brother. My families. My best-friend-ever-after. I was miserable, when i realized that i even didn’t thank Allah for everything i’ve got. If you think you’re miserable because your parents don’t give you new cellphone, you’re so damn wrong. You’re miserable because you don’t even aware that under your ‘Mom give me a new Phone!’, there are some, wait, so many people’re dying. They’re dying because they haven’t eaten anything yet for about 2 days.

  2k10 has told me, one day, if i meet stranger, i would be better off keep silent, than speak sarcasm. 2k10 has told me, to mind my own business not others. So, i don’t even mind what the hell would others do, how many guys have they dated, how rich is their father, i won’t care. As long as their attitude doesn’t bother me, i won’t care. Because my life, is way important than everyone else, FOR ME.

  Then….. Ah you made me wordless, lol. So Huge thank you to you all for filled my days by days, for making my life more challenging, for making me this strong, Thank you!! I may be just dreaming now, but 2k10 has told me to learn backward and move forward. 2k10, Your kindness will always stay here, in my heart. But each experience you’ve given, will stay there, in my brain. I won’t repeat any same mistakes again, because you’ve changed me from immature puppy to mature herder. Oh yes i’m a hundred percent human. You don’t have to be doubt of me, haha.


                                   To the one who introduced me to what love exactly is,
                                   Thank you.

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