November 16, 2010

Growing up is a choice, Dude.

 Hello everyone! I just want to write some insignificant stuff here btw, but who knows if you need it? Hehe

  Well, i've just been in SeniorHighSchool for about 5 months. And for your information, i've finished my JuniorHighSchool, ElementarySchool and Kindergarten, before i got into SHS. So, i've met a thousand people with different character. Things i can't stand is, Did they pass the JHS, ES, and KG first before getting in to SHS? What a pity. You know, i won't discuss about how-teachers-teach-me. I just want to talk about How i've met a different people for this 15 years.
  You do have to meet a so many different people in your life, not the same one, not always the one who understanding you all the way, not the one you wish to be. And remember they're not you. I don't blame, if people say im selfish, because every human has their egoism in their own way. And what everyone MUST do in a new state is to adapt. To be the nice newbie.

 I don't say it's going to be easy to do sumtin' you never try before, but what's wrong if we keep trying? There's no one who can patiently treating everyone, eventhough they hurt them for a thousand time. Even one day robot will cry, it means, robot has heart, and we do either. So guys.... i'm also the beginner, i'm not even better than anyone else, but i dunno want others treat me badly, i dunno want they hurt me, i dunno want have any enemy, so i do make mistakes, but the different now is how to make it the last. To not making same mistakes, to learn backward and do better forward.
  Human made mistakes, humans are perfectly imperfect ones, only Allah does. But h-e-l-o even Allah, the perfect Ones, still forgives our sins, our big mistaken, so why can't we forgive others if we still need a forgiveness? I'm also in my process of being mature. I'm still the childish one who gets angry when others take my mood away. The point is, by the changing of so many people around us, by the every different people we've met, we've already chosen, to be mature and adapt with every state we have, or keep ourselves like this, and ask everybody to adapt with us? Haha helo, 2010 ya! Almost end loh! Let's make a difference :)

"People changes friends leave and life never stops for anybody"

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