December 20, 2016

Until That Time

To the one I have yet met,
Just when the time is right, let us sit next to each other on a wooden chair. You probably will order a glass of caramel macchiato or a hot peppermint tea, and I will be fine with a green tea. At that time, let's talk about how we met. Who were we together with--friends, family, colleagues, and how we happen to stumble upon each other's eyes. Let's talk about how we never thought on having a crush on each other, because you were too busy to pursue that prestigious postgraduate  scholarship and I was too busy leveling up myself to make my parents proud. Let's talk about how passionate were you when you told your superior that you are going to quit because you just got an offer letter from that university you aimed since sophomore. How you would like to live your craziest idea to establish that start-up. Let's talk about how we came from a stark different place yet there we are sitting next to each other laughing over life tragedies.

At that time, I would be intrigued to know every scars and bruises which shaped you into who you are that day. I would persistently crawl into the curtain you've built throughout the years, just to understand what would ache you. What kind of pain which made you unable to heal, what was the sorrow that made you bawl,what kind of scars which glows you from within. What made you become the reason for me to help others when I am helpless. I would like to understand your suffering and sacrifices, your 6 years old neighbor who mend the wound in your knees when you fell from your bicycle, your 9 year old kite buddy whom you told your first crush to, your 15 years old bromance whom you go to when your ex wont look you in the eye after a tough breakup, your 17 years old bestfriend whom you told all your insecurities--college, your 21 years old teammate whom you spent most of your nights contemplating about life with. I want to understand your journey through the look in your eyes, how your lips curved a smile, and how move your hands when you struggle to recall a moment. I want to understand you through the stories you told about your siblings, the way you spent your weekend with you parents, how you love your mother despite all the nagging she does, the surprises you give for your parents' wedding anniversary, or how you were told to turn off the tv on exam season. I want to understand the reason behind your annoyance, angst, and depression.

At that time, I would happily listen to your first khattam story, how you were pushed to go to the mosque when adzaan comes, how you happen to love the story of a man whose kindness left a deep impression in every single being, Rasulullah SAW. I would non-chalantly ask you about your favourite  stories of Rasulullah SAW, and you will quote his remarks you love the most. I am going to listen to you and how you've managed to pass hardships by gradually building your iman. How your reason comes from a simple quote to be faithful to Allah. At that time, listening to your preach would be my favourite time.

And finally, let's talk about all the happy moments to come. Because all that you are would always be a serenity to my hustle bustle days. And all that I am would be the feeling of being home.

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