October 23, 2010

Untitled Present.

Because we were a friend we used to laugh together and when destiny falls us in love what would our laugh be?

Day goes by and this feeling grows up. As the time passed by, your eyes have successly been the most thing im afraid to look at. Actually i hate being like this. Adoring someone that definetly impossible to get. And I dream you in everynight, i keep smiling when you start the conversation and i feel glad to see you in 5 days a week and you’re the only thing who makes me feel that night is longer and i cant wait for the new morning.

When everything breaks just because the fact i haven’t known

The chinesse girl shouts “I’ll introduce my friend to you! Hold on!” That time i feel my heart stops beat. everything moves slowly. Be strong gurl this is too little for you. Who are you? Nisa!

It was Wednesday and i remember another ones. Which is really obsessed to be a singer. Speak native fluently and….

In 80 minutes everything ends and i have to wait for 2 days to see you. But when the day has came. You are officially absent. This two monsters keep walkin’ on my mind. Forced myself to think of them all night long.

Even if they’re just my imagination to kill this emptiness. But they have successly cheering my whole days.

To you, the angel of my nightmare

what would my life be if i ain’t know you?

If you ain’t live in this small town?

By every words you’ve made in each days

By every jokes you made

you have just made me realized that you’re…


And God i have found them! the boy who looks different only in my eyes

Although i can’t owe them Perhaps they’re just a little rainbow after the rain

But is it true that i have to say thank you if I’d ask for something better?

The whether will never be too cold and too unexplainable again

And my mood will be easily pops up

As the times passed by, Could i ask for something better then this gift?

I love My Allah :)

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