September 27, 2009

it reminds me

i am stuck in reverse

somehow i wanna leave the memories, start all over, make sure this self
you know i cant do it.
you always come to me in my dreamland
in my imagination
in my lonely
in everytime
you are .......
the only reason why i put this feet on the ground
why i let this nose to keep breathing
why i let this blood stay in this skin

i just ....
can't expalain how's going with my life

i have made some uh desicion. and i think its the best for me now. like he said to me before. keep goin', the sun never stop shining myself, if i never ask to stop. and so does this relationship. if i want, i can say "come back to me, it isn't as easy as you imagine." but ya you know i can't. i can't even say "your love might bring me fly up so high, and i can't deny that i still love you" whatmakesmesoassholealtoughicansaythosewordstohim. last night, i was crying on my bed, yap at 00.00 am, i don't know why could i cry, but when i was listening to "remember the titans" i cried, so long long long till i awared "nis, even you spent all your time with cry, all things will never back, will never be gonna alright as yesterday, and him... he wouldn't ever know that you cried him all night. and he wouldn't ever come back to you, never..". so i make a decision, life must go on, keep goin' let's make the difference, let's start over.

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