January 29, 2017

How Could I Not

How could I
not fall in love in the thought of you,
the curve of your smile,
the eagerness in your eyes,
the way you recite my name

How could I
not have your name crossed my mind,
in every second before the eyes shut,
in the brisk of evening winds,
in the warmth of 8 a.m sun,

You are
the thunder of my summer,
the faint line between hopes and lust,
the scratch of lights at the end of the road,

And I
am willing to run in my heels,
in my office attire,
just by seeing you across the street,
and the shape of your eyes,
fixated on me

Because I
can never hold the feeling of seeing you with your
sleeves rolled up to your arm,
the drop of sweat through the lines of your jaw,
with your arms open,

By then
when we are only an arm length,
all the voice there is would assemble,
and whisper,
how could we not fall in love?

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